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The Search Goes On

I know a few of you were anxious to find out if my experiment with the ultrasonic anti-bark device worked.  In a word: no.

Last week was a rough, long one at work, and I felt like I barely saw the dogs - or anyone or anything else for that matter - so it was my daughter who reported that Sirius was actually trying to trigger it.  She said he walked up to it, barked and she saw the green light go off telling her it reacted to him.  He then started barking at it repeatedly, setting off a furious series of green beeping.  I think he was trying to train it, but it's certainly done little to train him.

For my part, one late night/early morning after I'd finished a particularly taxing day, I stood in the quiet kitchen with Sirius, munching on a piece of cold pizza sort of staring vapidly out at the yard, and saw the light blinked green once, meaning the battery is working correctly, then again a minute or two later.  All fine.   Then it started fluttering rapidly, meaning it was pic…

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