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The Animal KIngdom

I have a moral conundrum as a dog owner.  Here's why...

Growing up in Montana, wildlife had their dominion and men had theirs, and unless we were trespassing into their space up in the mountains and forests surrounding our town, rarely did the two meet face to face.  I understand from people who live there now that times have changed, and as we humans encroach more and more into their space, animals like elk, deer, coyotes and mountain lions to name a few have returned the favor and wandered into town with increasing frequency.  The way I see it, they have no choice.  We're squeezing them into smaller and smaller spaces, and they're just trying to survive in a world that no longer has boundaries.

Well, western Pennsylvania got to that point long before the sleepy little town where I grew up.  So, here we sit, 9 miles from the Steel City, the very bustling metropolis that fed steel to the world for decades, and we share this space with minimally deer, turkey, skunks, groun…

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