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Go Figure

If you draw breath in the City of Pittsburgh or in its many nearby townships, you are impacted by its sports.  Even if you don't happen to like those sports, they dictate, in some form or fashion, how you conduct your life.  People who don't care for football wait until the Steelers are playing to run their errands because the stores won't be crowded.  You check the home game schedules if you need to drive through downtown to see what kind of traffic you'll run into.  And every where you go you'll be subjected to talk about the teams (the city is completely abuzz right now by the monster trade Jim Rutherford pulled off in the middle of the game against Carolina; it even overshadowed the worry over Le'veon Bell's contract and smack talking the Pirates ownership).

The same is true for the animals in the city.  Local wildlife are harassed by the sound of fireworks on the Pirates Zambelli's Firework nights.  Pets have to learn, as I relayed about my own Ri…

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