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Labor of Love

As you know, and as many of you have told me is true for you as well, I fell in love with collies growing up reading about them and watching them on TV and in the movies.  It's an idealized way to see the world.  You think Jennifer Lawrence rolls out of bed looking that lovely?  But we don't want to see the time and trouble it takes for a star to maintain their perfect shape and beautiful demeanor.  Whether on two or four legs.  Those flowing coats, gleaming teeth, and calm, disciplined behavior of that glorious collie looks so effortless to a star-struck five year old girl.

Well, make no mistake about it, Lassie didn't roll out of her dog bed (or his rather) looking like that either.  Dogs are, I have to tell you true, hard work.  How many times have I had to chase dogs around my house to try and give them ear drops?  Not as often as I should, but more times than I can count.  And how many times have I had to clean off muddy feet when they got to that corner spot in the y…

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