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Why Collies?

I suppose one might consider going back a level and exploring why dogs in general?  There's a lot of psychology to why people develop the passions they do.  But, for me, growing up in suburban Bozeman, Mt., the only child of older parents, it's relatively easy to see: dogs, I learned early on, accept you if you accept them, and they'll be loyal and love you without question, whereas other children can be often fickle and occasionally cruel.  But I didn't grow up with collies.  Far from it.  My mother loved dachshunds, and I spent my formative years with a wiener dog named Hans in the house.  My best dog friend from the neighborhood was a German short hair named Shan who belonged to the widower who lived behind us.  My street was surrounded on both sides by horse pastures, and you could walk up to the fence with a carrot and coax them to come over and see you.  So you'd think, if anything, I'd have grown up wanting hunting dogs and horses in my life.  And I woul…

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